Probate and Trust Administration or Litigation
Whether you need to administer an estate or litigate a problem, when you come to the Law Office of Jeff Marvan you start a relationship with a firm that will guide you through the emotional and legal complexities at hand.

We will educate you about the processes involved and provide honest counsel to you about the proper legal strategy to effectively handle your case.

If you need help in administering an estate, we will compassionately and efficiently guide you through the legal requirements of California law. If you need to challenge an estate, we will aggressively litigate your interests in Court and provide sound legal counsel to minimize your costs and achieve you goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Jeff Marvan for a free consultation.


As life becomes more complex and litigation becomes increasingly expensive, the legal community is turning to mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution. Mediation can help keep your costs down and provide a unique resolution that the court system simply cannot provide.

The Law Office of Jeff Marvan can help you resolve your disputes through mediation. Jeff Marvan is an accomplished mediator. He successfully completed the course by the renowned San Francisco mediation clinic Community Boards.

Please feel free to contact The Law Office of Jeff Marvan to see if Jeff can help you resolve your dispute through mediation.
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